IMG_7820 Dot Bong

White Widow

This is my second strain from WMMC. I ordered 30 grams of a few strains, but this opaque green jar seems fuller. (It all weighs the same, just looks bigger)
The buds are very nice and large, but not fluffy or airy. Perfectly dried and trimmed. No shake that I can see.
Broke up a bud and enjoyed the lemon/pine smell and slightly sticky fingers. I smell a sativa buzz coming:)
I used my standard style glass pipe (zebra stripes) to enjoy this treat.
I liked the sound this pot makes as I packed a bowl. It compresses well and stays in place. Burns slow and steady and expanded in my lungs. Strong smoke, cough cough. Damn pipes!

But my head is ringing in a good way, I feel high, and seems to do a body good too. Like the Pink Kush, it’s burning slow and steady..and taking a long time to “cash” this bowl. (PK was even longer lasting)

Impressed. Three stars, I might even add a 1/2 star if we had the option!