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Pink Kush
I called around to various LPs to get a feel for their customer service and availability of delivery. I decided to sign up with WMMC due to their great service and nice looking strains.

Opened the Pink Kush first and really liked what I saw. Great buds, tightly formed, and oh so pretty crystals. Perfectly dried, and has that nice snap sound when you tear into a nug.

Used my Sherlock “double bubbler” to enjoy this with.

Smokes really nice, Kush lung expansion and tasty! Burns amazingly well and the high hits fast and lasts a long time.

Its basically “one hit shit” so it took me a while to burn my 5 or 6 hits off my bowl!

So far this is the strongest and best marijuana I have seen in a while. So I am giving my first 5 stars.

Worthy of being called “medical marijuana” or would that be “medical marihuana”.

PK close - DotBong1