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Blue Dream

by Whistler Medical Marijuana Co. (WMMC)

I opened my 30 gram jar of Blue Dream. Labeled Lot #003 and 21-23% THC.
When I opened the jar I was very happy to see big sugary coated buds that seem to fill the jar to the brim. Every bud was fully developed and loaded with orange hairs and oh so frosty and fragrant.
Harvest time was spot on and the moisture was perfect. Fruity smells waft in my nose and remind me of blueberries or maybe citrus. Flashbacks of California weed!

Used my “Jerome” X-Large Sherlock bubbler to get a big huge rip of this Blue Dream.

Smooth, fruity taste, and like my other WMMC strains, lasts a long time. It takes me a while to finish off this bowl.

I end up setting the bubbler down a few times and doing things around the house before coming back to finish off this bowl. To me, that means its strong pot!

This strain brought out my creativity and kept me moving. Great for waking and baking. (Use the Pink Kush for couch lock).

Four and 1/3 stars. Another WMMC hit!