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Whistler Medical Marijuana Company Afghani Bullrider

I am pleased to present my 4th review for WMMC. Ordered early Friday, arrived Monday.

This strain has taught me that chasing “THC numbers only”, is probably a mistake. This Afghani Bullrider is labeled lot # 001 and 15.5-17% THC and one of the most fragrant strains I have had the pleasure of smelling in a long while. I wish I ordered more than 5 grams:(!

Deep and complex terpenoids fill my nose each time I whiff the green prescription jar. I get taken back to a grand daddy purple haze and hash plant smells from Carmel and Monterey California circa 1980′s.

Well trimmed nugs that hold sugar coated colours of green with orange hairs. Dried perfectly (like all my MMPR LP supply has been)

Fresh snapping sound when I manually ground up this marijuana. Finger kief is apparent.

Smokes amazing. Smooth clean and right to your cerebrum. Smells earthy, gets me higher than others 28% THC Sativa. This is super Indica Skunk something!

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