Whistler Medical Marijuana Company / WMMC
CBD Shark Lot # P009
Indica Dominant Hybrid
5.7-6.8% THC 4.8-5.7% CBD
GENETICS: Shark Shock x (unknown high CBD variety)

After many months of waiting I was finally able to order my fifth different strain from Whistler Medical Marijuana Company and it was called CBD Shark. I have been looking into many different types of CBDs as they become available in Canada. This CBD Shark will be my 6th strain that has ranged from at least 0.8% CBD, to as high as 7.2% CBD. So far I can say I have been impressed with the range of terpenes. Terpenes, or terpenoids, are the compounds in cannabis that give the plant its unique smell. And CBD strains have some unique and delicious smells!

When my WMMC CBD Shark arrived at my house, I was keen to try this new strain. As usual Whistlers buds were beautiful and included a few nice sized trophies. Each carefully trimmed bud was dense and made a nice snap sound when I broke it into pieces. The colours ranged from green mantas to something like dark moss, were coated in sugar and had lots of burnt coloured orange hairs (pistils). I would have loved to see more swollen trichromes that look like a golf balls on golf tees. When I see those bulbous trichromes, then I think it’s been perfectly timed on maturity. I am being pretty picky but perfection is tough to come by.
When I broke up the buds I smelled a muted citrusy musk, it was something l just couldn’t truly nail down. It was hard work to isolate and figure out the aromas and frankly I was baffled on this one. I even had to call in a new nose to smell this strain and give me some ideas. I heard words like Parmesan cheese with onions and garlic, some garden herb you cook with, flowery and I don’t know to explain what their noses picked up. I’m curious what other testers come up with.

The CBD Shark ground up and fluffed up nicely, but didn’t stick together when I pinched it. Another strain I tried was so “greasy” that it gummed up the grinder and definitely stuck together when pinched. I loaded up my clean testing pipe and got ready for the best part of reviewing strains, the smoke test.
It is moments like that smoke session I am glad that WMMC is certified Organic by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). Like all the other strains from WMMC this CDB Shark is clean and easy to smoke. I tested this early in the morning so I was able to detect a bit of a buzz that’s muted by the concentration of CBDs and other organic compounds. It was a pleasant and long lasting mild buzz with moderate effects on my body pain.

I recommended this strain for daytime use and for those with mild cases of pain and tension. You smoke this to get well, not high. I rated this CBD strain 3.25 stars out of 5 total. This strain was rated low because the aromas were not as pronounced as the other CBD strains I have tried.

My personal CBD strains ranking so far:
#1 Cannatonic
#2 Sweet Skunk CBD
#3 Warlock CBD
#4 Barbara Bud
#5 Afghani CBD
#6 CBD Shark
Keep in mind, this is like coming in 6th place in the Olympics, it’s still damn good, it just has really good competition!
(Some might argue that Barbara Bud doesn’t belong in a CBD category, but I think anything with ±> 1.0% CBD is worth a look.)