Tilray Warlock CBD
11.5 % THC 6.8% CBD
CBD Indica Hybrid
I was lucky enough to try my fifth CBD strain from Tilray and let me say right now, I really like these CBD strains. My 10 gram pouch of Warlock CBD was very fragrant, like all the CBD strains have been. This marijuana smells amazingly sweet and floral and profoundly aromatic. I didn’t pick up the musky smell that the Tilray flavour profile mentioned. My tester also picked up some grape or light cherry notes.
When I unzipped the pouch it was overflowing with beautiful sticky buds. When I pinched a bud it just stuck to one of my fingers defying gravity. That’s pretty sticky icky icky. The buds themselves were almost fluffy by Tilray standards and were mostly well trimmed. For all the amazing smells, the buds themselves were just sort of regular looking, basic greens with some frosting and seemed like short pistils / hairs compared to most buds I see.
When I tried to grind it up, it literally gummed up my grinder. It is that sticky! I had to use a tool to scrape the shredded pot out and get it into my favorite blue glass testing pipe. Once the bud was in my pipe I was eager to get a puff. I was pleased by the smooth & clean tasting smoke and also noticed that musky smell a bit when Warlock burns. I was able to get 4+ hits off my bowl turn the bud inside and got a couple more hits. I thought it was similar to Sweet Skunk CBD in smell and potency.
The overall high is a nice mellow effect that will leave you feeling just fine. The analgesic properties were note-worthy and definitely had positive effects on body pain and likely inflammation based on my experience. This strain, like all the others, should be used as directed. I like my Sativa strains for daytime fun, then ease into the evening with some Indica. I think the CBDs could be used anytime as they help with body pains and have a nice even keeled high that goes with it. Plus it tastes so good!
My personal CBD strains ranking so far:
#1 Cannatonic
#2 Sweet Skunk CBD
#3 Warlock CBD
#4 Barbara Bud
#5 Afghani CBD