Tilray Sweet Skunk CBD
7%THC 6.1% CBD
I had the pleasure of ordering an amazing strain called Sweet Skunk CBD from Tilray. This is another strain that proves that THC numbers only do not predict quality. I put my nose to the well-sealed bag and still I could catch a whiff of something beautiful. When I unsealed the bag, I was greeted with a heavenly tropical scent. I was amazed by the complex aromas and spent some time, just smelling the buds inside the reusable zipper pouch. I agreed with the Tilray flavour profile of citrus and grapefruit and might add cherry; it was just so sweet and yummy.
When I selected a bud out of the 15 gram bag, I had lots nice consistent sized popcorn buds to choose from. It has been noticeable how nicely trimmed Tilray buds are, and these keep with that standard. This strain didn’t have the same number of trichromes as some of Tilrays OG strains, but I liked what I saw. The marijuana had light green buds that had lots of frosting and orange hairs were pretty easy to spot.
I used my anodized blue grinder from Tilray (free with first order!) to shred up this pot and get it ready to smoke in my mushroom bubble pipe. The grinder was loaded with crystals and kief after use and it stuck together moderately well when I pinched it together.
When I smoked Sweet Skunk CBD, the nice smooth smoke had a balanced taste of all the aromas I had been enjoying. The flavor wasn’t too strong in any one direction, it was just sweet. My bowl lasted about 3 or 4 hits. I felt a nice mellow head buzz that was pretty good for 7% THC and even better I was feeling some body tingle. My body pain was noticeably blunted and I was feeling just great. I would guess this is the daytime CBD and the Cannatonic is more evening CBD due to the difference in THC levels. I rated this strain a 4 out of 5 stars.