Tilray Rockstar
20.6 % THC <0.1CBD Indica Lot# 9877180948859290 IMG_9228DotBong
I have been enjoying the Tilray strains and as I approach 20 different strains tried, remain impressed with the overall quality, consistency and availability of Tilray marijuana. Rating this weed can be tough because it seems to be the subtle differences that make strain “better” than another. Add in a personal preference and things can change a lot between one person to the next. With that said, I ordered a 10 gram package of Rockstar so that I could weigh in on how I liked this strain.
I have just recently tried Rockstar from an MMAR grower and some Organic Rockstar from a dispensary in British Columbia, so I am warmed up with Rockstar.
The Tilray reusable zipper bag contained a nice assortment of popcorn sized buds that were dense and pleasing to the eye. Unzipping it revealed a pleasantly notable diesel smell that was followed by a light grape. No one flavour really stands out, I generally call that a “muted smell or taste”. A bud inspection showed dense light greens that were tipped in a darker greens and even some purple. Trichrome development was good but did seem like more swollen tips would have pushed this strain higher.
When I smoked Rockstar I could taste the diesel on my lips and it smells spicy when it’s burning. I tested this in the morning so it did produce a solid buzz but it wasn’t too high. It did seem to have a bit of a sativa-kick that seems to have my creativity and motivation elevated along with a crisp buzz. The bowl lasted about the standard 4 hits and was “greasy”, it burns well and I kept turning the pot in the bowl to find more green.
I would use this as a daytime Indica and rate it as middle of the road for Tilary. It does rate better than the organic dispensary Rockstar and slightly edges the other MMAR version I recently tried. This is comparable to Diamond OG. Nice looking and smoking pot, but doesn’t stand out as stellar amongst so many other choices at Tilray.