Purple Kush Indica
11.6% THC <.01% CBD IMG_8989DotBong
I ordered a 10 gram package of Purple Kush from Tilray. It was a pleasure to unseal and unzip the reusable pouch and see such nice buds. They were smaller popcorn size, but I like that size, and they smelled great. That purple skunk smell was promanate and was followed up by an earthy almost musk smell.
The buds were nicely trimmed and just the right density. A darker than normal green was the baseline colour that was then highlighted with all kinds of purple. I really like purples and wish I would see more purple buds, so this was a treat indeed. A close look shows a nice rainbow of greens and purples and lots of trichromes; but I did wish to see more swollen gland tops.
I took two buds out and used my Tilray grinder to shred it up. It seemed like perfect moisture content and was packed into my bowl to get a closer “look” at this strain.
I used one of my clean glass pipes to sample this. It burned smooth and easy and I had no problem with coughing. The bowl burned quietly and evenly while lasting a good 4 hits. I have recently tried some dispensary marijuana, and it’s noticeable just how clean the pot at Tilray is. All taste and no waste.
Was a mellow high and not one that was too intense. Did make me very relaxed and eyes kind of heavy, so I could see taking a nap while smoking this strain. If you are looking for a solid and tasty Kush that has a skunk vibe and Indica high, you will probably like Purple Kush.