Tilray OG Kush
12.6 THC 0.1< CBD IMG_9035DotBong
I was lucky enough to pick up a 5 gram package of OG Kush from Tilray. When I was ordering online, I was curious about the genetics, a Sativa dominate with a name like Kush, so I wanted to try the strain out. Based on the smell alone, I’m glad I did.
Unsealing the reusable Tilray zipper pouch allowed me to open the package and get a big whiff of what was inside. I got a noticeable earthy smell that was followed up by pine. The buds inside were perfectly trimmed and of uniform size and the bag had zero shake inside.
I though the colour was an olive drab and fern green that was highlighted by lots of trichromes and medium length orange hairs. When I manually shredded a bud, I could see finger hash starting. I’d speculate the trimmers were coated in oils when handling this marijuana! I was impressed by how the bud was all flowers and only had a microscopic stem.
I used my Jr. Sherlock glass pipe to test the pile I had shred up. Once I loaded up a bowl and noticed how the bud was so resistive to being compacted, I got to the good part; the smoke test. I loved the smooth draw and the tasty slipstream of Kush flavours. My bowl lasted a good 3.5 hits and I had zero cough. To me, that’s a clean product.
I would say this OG Kush, like many other strains, should not be thought of in THC numbers only. I felt a nice buzz after my first bowl and definitely felt the Indica buzz after the second bowl! The high was one that had me mellow and feeling no pain. OG Kush keeps it real and will have you chill.