Jean Guy Sativa
19.8% THC <0.1% CBD IMG_9108DotBong
My 5 gram pack of Jean Guy was an endangered species the minute it landed on my door. I have had experience with this strain before and was eager to try what Tilray was offering. When I unzipped my pouch, I experienced a nasal injection of wonderful sativa smells that reminded me of a strain we called mountain mist. It was a complex and bold aroma of lemon, pine and had a citrus finish. Plainly put, it smelled great!

The nicely sized and uniform buds were rated (by me) as light medium density and as per most strains from Tilray, well cured. I thought the colours were a moss green that faded into a lighter olive drab green. The buds were covered in partially developed trichromes that may have wished for a few more days under the lights.
When I ground up the bud it had a great lemon scent.
I ground up the Jean Guy and loaded up my favorite sampling bowl. I drew a nice clean hit off my pipe and noted pine. The smoke was easy on the lungs and I could feel my head begin to ring after my second hit. After the third and fourth hit, I definitely knew I had a solid Sativa buzz going that was clean and crisp. I was alert and had my eyes open, and motivation was not affected.

The positive pattern continues with Tilray. This is another great Sativa that could be best used as a daytime bud so one can medicate and still get some work done.