Tilray Bubba Kush
17.9% THC <0.1% Indica IMG_9021DotBong

I ordered a 10 gram package of Bubba Kush and smoked half of it before I could stop myself long enough to sit down and write a review. This Indica was a quality looking bud and like all my Tilray strains so far, was well trimmed. The firm nugs were an asparagus green colour that came in a few shades lighter depending on the bud. When I first opened the zipper pouch I was hit with a flashback smell of gym socks, oak trees and a dash of citrus; lemon? Those smells mellowed into a nice musky Kush kind of smell that I rather enjoyed.

I used my well used anodized blue grinder that I got as a Tilray customer and shred up a bud in no time. I might have got baked and left my bag open, but this pot seemed borderline dry. I couldn’t pinch any pot together and have it stick as I generally prefer. After finding my small green bubbler I got in Ashland Oregon about 15 years ago, I loaded a bowl to sample.
The smoke was easy on the lungs and hard on my brain cells, but in a good way. My bubbler made it easy to get a big hit and it got my head ringing. I got an earthy woods kind of taste and had to set the bubbler down more than once before I finally finished it off. This is a good strain but Tilray makes a few that are even better.