Barbara Bud
12.4% THC 0.8% CBD
I have tried two different batches of Barbara Bud. Both seem to smell like a fine wine. The first batch was very grape wine like, and the second batch was more balanced with a sweet bubble gum finishing smell. (I stole that description from their flavour profile)
The buds were coated in crystals that reminded me of how Diamond OG sparkles. As per usual, very well trimmed and zero shake. Each bud was dense, had fully developed pistils, and was coated in orange hairs and sugar. I thought the green was a consistent pistachio colour offset by lots of trichromes.
I used my Tilray grinder to shred up some herb in order to sample the Barbara Bud in my freshly cleaned blue glass tester pipe. When I drew in some smoke, the first word in my head was “sweet”. It was super clean and had a very well balanced feel to it. The extra CBD in this strain does make it special, and the high is surprisingly good for something rated at 12.4% THC. I swear I could feel a different kind of high in my body due to the elevated CBD levels. I was able to get a good 4 hits per bowl and every hit was a tasty experience that was quite enjoyable. I would rate this 3.75 stars out of 5.
Of the four Tilray CBD strains tried, I rate them as follows:
#1 Cannatonic
#2 Sweet Skunk CBD
#3 Barbara Bud
#4 Afghani CBD