Tilray Afghani

After 10 days of reviewing 7 different strains, I made it to my last bag to open. It was 5 grams of Afghani that measured 17.1% THC and <0.1% CBD. I was waiting to try this last because of how pleasantly surprised I was by another LPs Afghani Bull rider. IMG_8415DotBong
Regardless of the measured THC levels, this Indica dominate strain smells strong and has a heavy earthy sweet spice smell. I was expecting a skunky indica, but this is even more aromatic and complex. I keep getting highlights of something kind of like ammonia / chemical or cat pee; something I would attribute to a sativa. I’m starting to trust the labelled “flavour profile” as it confirms my sniffer by showing sweet, earthy and butter. Maybe that’s the mystery smell, butter. I like it!

I should give a big shout out to the trimmers at Tilray. This bag, and every strain I have tried from them so far, has been just perfect. Not a leaf to be found, it’s just nothing but tight nugs. My photos should highlight all the crystals that are developed and covering everything, it shows just how careful the trimming must me. Moisture content has been consistent from all my LP’s, and Tilray keeps it just right.
I carefully ground up some Afghani and loaded the pipe I just got from Next Level Underground. Smooth smoke was easily drawn through my pipe and tasted as good as it smells. Good for body pain, I felt a wave throughout my body as the effects begin to kick in, it reminded me of 6% CBD currently offered by Tilray. I get a ringing in my head as I take another hit, this stuff is strong.

A few hits definitely got me feeling groovy, but I was sad to see it go so fast. I have to save the rest for another day. This is another solid product by Tilray that most folks will enjoy, as long as you don’t get too spoiled on OG anything ☺.