Tilray Afghani CBD
7.0% THC 7.2% CBD
I wanted to make sure I got to try all 4 CBD strains that Tilray has offered so far. So I was happy to be able to get a 10 gram order to try out. Like all the CBD varieties from Tilray, this is very aromatic and pleasant smelling. More CBDs usually means more terpenoids which means more flavor and smells and that seems to hold true with Afghani CBD.
When I pulled off the security sticker and unzipped the bag I was immediately hit with yummy fruity essence that smelled like grape or cherry. It was like some unknown tropical fruit that filed my nose with sweet floral essences and maybe even honey? It was complex and pleasant.
The buds medium to light density, almost airy and contained wide variety of bud sizes, some even small by Tilray standards. The green was of the olive variety, kind of the light green end of the spectrum. Everything had a mild frosty haze on it and the buds had fully developed hairs.
The smoke was clean and therefore easy on the lungs. I noticed that it had a muted tastiness, like some kind of earthy spice?
I didn’t feel really baked on this weed, but I sure seemed to get a body tingle. My feet felt better which are usually where I feel the most discomfort. It definitely took the edge off and even with 7% THC, this would likely help with daytime stress and pain management. After trying my first four CBD strains I would rank them as follows. Remember each person has their own metrics, these are mine, others could rank these different based on their individual needs.
CBD strain ranking so far:
#1 Cannatonic
#2 Sweet Skunk CBD
#3 Barbara Bud
#4 Afghani CBD
I am curious what cooking with these high CBD strains would be like.