Tilray Headband
Batch #1 Sativa 23.6% THC <0.1% CBD Batch #2 Sativa 18.5% THC <0.1% CBD IMG_9450DotBong
What a treat Headband was. I am generally an Indica dominate person, but this Sativa was really strong and really good. By Indica dominate, I mean that’s my usual marijuana species preference; I don’t want people getting any Jian Ghomeshi vibes!

The original Headband batch we ordered was the first time that we smoked all of our supply before getting any pictures. So I acted fast when I saw the strain available on www.tilray.ca and acted even faster when it arrived at home.

The Tilray reusable zipper pouch contained 5 grams of beautiful pot. It seemed to be overflowing; I was wondering if they mislabelled this one, I should have weighed it. Lots of popcorn sized nugs were in this bag and they were very pleasing to the eye. When you see marijuana that looks like this, it’s usually very good! Each and every gland was swollen to perfection; this was well timed on the maturity and harvest time. Frosty like Diamond OG it had beautiful colours that ranged from light greens to dark greens and had lovely purple highlights (my favorite marijuana colour). I saw lots of bulbous trichrome heads with burnt orange pistols (aka hairs) reaching out of the green pods.

Tilray has perfected the art of maintaining the aromatic properties of their various strains; Headband represents another fine job of proper curing (versus just “drying”). The flavour profile shows Earthy, Tea, Diesel; I was getting something more like musky, skunk, “purple smell” and then light diesel. It was very fragrant and would stink up your car if you carried it anywhere. On my road trip it was obvious I had some herbs on me, even when I kept it in the trunk. It seemed to smell more Indica Kush than Sativa Diesel, but I certainly had no complaints.

I thought Headband was tougher to grind than many strains due to its density and oily properties. I loaded up my Sundays finest glass pipe and got to the smoke stage of the test. I loved the dense, hard hitting smoke the marijuana generated and was definitely well rinsed and very tasty.
After just a few hits, I was baked and my creativity was increased with this strain. I liked how the high was so elevated, yet crisp and clean. My eyes felt open and my mind was alive with ideas. I was relaxed because I was not feeling pain so I ended up having a long burst of energy which allowed me to get all my work done.
The high did have a sativa feeling; lots of energy, focus and yet still pretty baked. Sour Diesel might be the only other Sativa that could measure up or maybe even top this strain. I will leave that ranking to the individual sativa aficionado. I rated to this a 5 star because both batches were from separate lots and both nailed it.

In the marijuana business, consistency is where it’s at, and so far Tilray has been consistently good to great on their marijuana strains.