My sixth review for Tilray is for Pink Kush Hybrid measuring in at 22.2% THC and <0.1 CBD. I’m enjoying the standard sized reusable zipper bags that Tilray has. After a few amazingly fast deliveries, I now see why they have these bags all pre-measured into increments of 5-10-15 grams. It must make it that much easier to fulfill my order and get it heading to me in no time. Tilray has godlike speed on delivering! The strain Pink Kush is in the polyploid family of marijuana that also includes strains like OG Kush and ChemDawg / Diesel. There are probably more of those types of strains out there that I don’t know of (hopefully). You will have to nerd out on polyploidy yourself, that’s a huge topic onto itself. My 15 grams of Pink Kush are definitely on the higher end of potency, regardless of the THC measurement. I don’t smell anything until I open the bag, another feature I like. When I do open it, I am pleased by the sweet skunky marijuana flower smells. Once again Tilray comes thru with some dank nugs! These dense tight buds are becoming a Tilray standard; I wasn’t sure at first if I loved that fact, but I sure seem to like all the strains I have tried. These nugs are a dark mossy green that runs through colours like olive, emeralds and pine. I do not see much of my other favorite colour, purple. My magnifying glass reveals a perfectly timed crop that shows a lot of trichrome sugars that all marijuana aficionados love. The eyelash long orange hairs are further proof of the good timing this well flushed crop represents. Good to their word, I received my custom blue engraved Tilray grinder on my next order. It is just the right size for medical grade marijuana as it perfectly fills most bowls without any waste. There is no kief catcher, but come on, it’s a free gift! (Thanks) After grinding up just the right amount, I loaded up my normal blue glass sampling pipe. I got an amazing hit that expands into my lungs, forcing me to exhale sooner than normal. This is really powerful pot, and goes right to the head. Pink Kush tastes like the pot your buddy tells you is; wait for it, legendary. This bud will likely make you cough your ass off, so make sure you have a leak and a seat when sampling. Novices beware, this is medical grade marijuana! Anyone who likes good strong marijuana that will possibly couch lock you through an epic movie, make the pain go away and is relaxing as hell; will love what Tilray is doing with Pink Kush. IMG_8407DotBong