My fourth review for Tilray is OG Skywalker Hybrid measured at 22.9% THC and <0.1 CBD Doing reviews for Tilray may become difficult if I have to keep coming up with superlatives for great marijuana. Once again Tilray delivers a quality product that all but the pickiest consumers are going to be happy getting in the mail. I am starting to love the reusable Tilray bags. They are well made and very easy to get in and out of; I may be over my jar obsession. It is a smart move to create a standard package that can be used for 5-10-15 gram packages. The bags are different looking than Tilray stock photos, so be sure to take a look at my shots. Opening the bag allows me to stick my nose in there and get a good whiff. What can I say, it smells amazing, like my previous three other strains from Tilray. The labeled flavour profile is pretty accurate for smelling. I get an earthy sweet citrus with skunk tones. Some other warm and wonderful smell is there, but I just can’t put my nose on it. I grabbed a tight nug (as all the Tilray buds have been, I’m getting OK with it ☺) and ground it up. A small bud will go a long ways. Again I find a perfectly timed crop that is a cornucopia of greens highlighted with orange hairs and sugar. I don’t see the Diamond OG sparkle when I turn it in the light, but snapping open a bud shows a lot of well-developed trichomes. I took my ground OG Skywalker and loaded it into just cleaned standard 5 inch pipe. I wanted a clean instrument to fully enjoy the flavor (That’s my MO). Someday soon I will be investing in a vaporizer to truly appreciate all this MMPR marijuana. Smoking this herb was very cerebral and had nice expanding properties. The flavours stay true to a sweet citrus earthy skunk taste, plus I might be getting a peppery thing. It took me a good hour to cash the bowl, plus I was able to get 6 or 7 hits off one pipe load. I feel amazing and look forward to my next bowl! IMG_8311DotBong