I am very impressed with how fast Tilray was able to process my application and ship out my order of seven different strains. I express shipped my application on a Friday and was getting my order the following Thursday at 2pm. Impressive.
Adding to the joy of getting this order was how well it presents itself. The nice white box contained numerous items:
• Welcome to Tiray folder loaded with information and even had some cooking recipes
• Big seal-a- meal that contained my order including a big “Made in Canada” sticker
• Grinder ( I got an IOU, but I’m sure I’ll get one next time)
• Tilray mat for processing your weed on
• Tilray stickers ( 2 different sizes)
• Recycled shredded paper
It’s an impressive package and really shows just how professional Tilray is. I started my sampling with the famous OG Shark strain measured at 24.3% THC and <0.1 CBD. Opening the zipper on the reusable bag allowed me to get a big whiff of diesel and skunk. The bud is loaded with shades of greens from olive to light pine and finishes with a hint of purple. The sticky and compacted nature of this pot requires the use of a grinder to fully expose the smells and flavours offered. The OG Shark fluffed up nicely and was carefully loaded into my blue swirl glass pipe. I took a hefty toke and felt my brain cells vibrate. Exhaling brings out the pine flavor. One hit and I set the pipe down to wander off in happy daze. Did I just find some 1 hit shit? After a numerous minutes I found myself holding the pipe, a testament to my dedication in finishing what I started. I was able to smoke on that bowl for an hour or so, and each rip confirmed just how yummy and strong this strain is. I was able to sit in one place for a long time after this smoking session and slept amazingly well that night. I would recommend this for those that need a stronger variety in their marijuana medicine cabinet. IMG_8245DotBong