IMG_7890 red 2 dotbong

Mettrum just keeps getting better. Red 3 was great, and now this Red #2 is just beautiful. Ordered early Friday, and arrived in Calgary on Weds. Shipping is now “fast”.

Labeled at 28.57% THC and .02 CBD. Lot A0005-9086. I paid $9.60 per gram and came in 15 gram jars, including some tweezers to get your buds out without shaking your bottle.

These gently and perfectly trimmed nugs are just covered in crystals. Sticky icky icky on the fingers when you shred it manually. This is a strong sativa dominate smell.. and it brings back memories of Southern Oregon bud in the 1990′s (This is a good thing:)

As checked off, smells of lemon, citrus,light cheese, pine, and what we call “mountain mist” back in Oregon. Nicely dried, and lasts a long time. I call this “greasy” I can keep turning the pot and I get a nice new hit.

I smoked this in a standard glass pipe to get a true hit. Very smooth. Head is ringing, and I a feel “call them on the phone stoned”

No complaints here!! The only possible improvement would be higher CBD and other “entourage effect terpenes” to help activate this THC to it’s full capability.

Five stars, and great medical grade pot here.
Good job guys.