Mettrum Red #1
Lot 21 and labeled 18% THC 0.3 CBD.
It was Feb when this was one of the few options Mettrum had. Very glad to be getting it shipped at the time.
This batch seemed a tad on the dry side, and burnt pretty quick too. After opening and closing the jar many times, the shake seemed to grow. I bet this is when Mettrum started thinking about the green tweezers that now come with their jars 🙂

My previous supply before MMPR had lots of “PK” Purple Kush flavours so this was an improvement. But it could of been better.
This batch had a skunky smell that was offset by a slightly grassy smell. Nice green colors and loaded with orange hairs, more “sugar” would of been nice. (please trim gently)

Did smoke well and got the job done. For MMPR supply in Feb 06 2014 this was good. But everyone, including Mettrum have improved from the quality of these days.

I’ll try a new batch in the future and update with photos of the nugs!