Ordered Mettrum Purple 2

IMG_8085 DotBongIMG_8091 DotBong

Ordered Mettrum Purple #2 that contains % 7.92 THC / .02 CBD and labelled lot 28MARK2190314-9118

I wanted to be open to lower THC levels, so figured I would take one for the team and see how this performed. Love the new purple lids that go with the jars, makes it easy to differentiate flavours.
Popped the seal to find a very full 15 gram jar that smelled of green tea or green grass. Airing it out and taking second sniff gives me “sativa cat pee”, pine and chlorophyll notes.
I pulled out a bud that my old growers would have called spindly or leggy. This bud is airy and has quite a bit of supporting wood. A few nicely formed buds are intermixed into the batch. When I broke up the tighter buds I saw way more crystals and much stronger pine smells.

An objective assessment would say these nugs are underdeveloped, airy, leafy and look amateurish. They almost look male 

I manually ground up the pot and had to work through lots of stems and branches to get my pile of green. I used my new “Shorty Sherlock” pipe to smoke this with. It burned hot and relatively fast compared to Mettrums other offerings. The smoke taste made me think, “flush it, don’t rush it”.

I can’t think of too many uses for this besides a salvage butter cooking session.
Even first timers would appreciate a higher quality and taste than this.