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IMG_8149 Dot Bong

Placed an order for Mettrum Orange #4 on Tuesday morning and was delighted to me the mail truck pull up on Friday before 1:30 pm. Pretty fast shipping I would say!
Labelled Mettrum Orange #4, it contains % 16.53 THC / 0.27 CBD and labelled lot 29WS19012014-9122. I like these 15 gram green jars, and the orange lid definitely pops. What I didn’t know was how appropriate “orange” is for this strain.

Peeling back the hermetically sealed foil, you can’t help but notice a strong tangerine / orange smell. Additional citrus highlights of lemon and lime add to the great smell. A keen nose might pick up blueberry. Tip: It helped to “decanter” the pot and let it air out for a few minutes. The smells seem to come more alive.
Nice looking trimmed buds squeeze and rebound back into shape. Covered in trichome crystals and loaded with orange hairs. Had a fresh snap sound and ground up nicely with light finger has that smells fruity.

Using the big Xtreme bong with a Sic attachment, I packed a big bowl to enjoy. Great smoke that has expanding properties that goes right to my head. Citrus highlights remain even when exhaling.
Very enjoyable and most should be happy with this quality, especially if you like fruit flavours in your marijuana.