My fifth review for Tilray is for Green Cush, Sativa dominate measured at 21.2% THC and 0% CBD.
I pulled off the void if removed foil and unzipped my 10 gram package that revealed a nice amount of buds for a 10 gram package. Each bud is tightly formed and resisted when I pull it apart. Shades of light green dominated the colour spectrum and well-formed orange hairs are apparent throughout. I didn’t see any purple colours but did see plenty of trichrome sugars.
Green Cush smelled good and reminded me of the Oregon sativa we called mountain mist. Tilray has a flavour profile of tropical, sweet, and citrus. I would use those same words to describe the smells except add light lavender and spice. For a sativa dominate I don’t notice any “cat pee” or ammonia type smells.
Sativas are daytime bud, so on Saturday morning I used a grinder to shred up a bud that got loaded into my deep blue SIC Sherlock bubbler. A last smell of the bowl reveals a muted green tea kind of smell. The smoke was cool and smooth and tasted earthy sweet and piney.
I thought Green Cush had a great heady ‘high’ that was clear headed and motivating. I was doing chores even without having my second cup of coffee. Worth noting was that my body noticed no analgesic effects from this strain, I used Cannatonic 6% CBD to take care of that. As a cannossieur I was obligated to take numerous hits throughout the morning. After cashing the bowl I found myself playing Ghetto Funk music and dancing to the beat more than doing my list of chores, but by then I didn’t care!
Green Cush is a solid sativa dominate that can be wake and bake smoked without locking your butt into the couch.