Diamond OG is the 3rd strain I have tried from Tilray.

I am impressed with Tilray strains so far, Diamond OG doesn’t disappoint either. This limited edition Indica strain is measured at 20.9% THC and <0.1% CBD. This Tilray 10 gram pre-pack contained beautifully formed buds with zero shake. As I carefully looked at this pot and turned the nug, it becomes obvious why they call this Diamond, it actually sparkles! These tight buds contain a rainbow of greens and shows purple highlights throughout. This pot doesn’t seem artificially compressed like my first few strains, but it is very (very) dense! Each bud is coated in an impressive sugary haze. I took a perfectly cured nug, snapped it into numerous pieces, and all I saw was a forest of well-developed tricomes. Further handing allows me to smell the muted skunk and earthy aromas. I manually break this little work of art up and load my Xtreme Bong (with SIC bubbler attachment). Pulling the smooth smoke into my lungs, I get pine and light blueberry flavours. I get a nice buzz when smoking this and it seems to have longevity. This strain isn’t as hash plant greasy as OG Shark but I am hard pressed to come up with any criticism. I rate this a 4.5 stars and remain impressed with the strains that Tilray offer. Grab a bag of these Diamonds before the edition runs out! IMG_8285DotBong