Labeled Batch 003 and Lot 008-001 and measured in 23.4% THC and 0.11% CBD. Right away I notice that Delta 9 seems to have more accurate numbers on their CBD.
There was one bud that made up half the order along with some other smaller nugs. Inspecting the big bud shows a normal green and tons of orange hairs. I did see some trichromes, but I think this crop should have gone numerous days longer. As with all my MMPR pot, this seems perfectly dried, I hear that nice snap sound when I pull a bud apart.
When I smoked it, I tasted muted green tea and flower. Smelled very rosy, almost too much, like one of those old ladies that wear too much rose oil. Smoked well enough, able to take a huge hit with no coughing. Makes me think it’s cleanly grown and well rinsed.
Because of the higher THC, it didn’t take but 2 hits to feel the cerebral sativa effects. I would call this a daytime bud because it was motivating and uplifting. I would rate this 2.5 stars of 5, as it had more potential but needed more grow time to get there.