Batch 002 Lot008-001
20.0% THC .23% CBD
When I opened up my jar from Delta9 labeled Silver haze I found some green and leafy looking buds. I was hoping this would have a haze of silver on it, usually from a sea of trichromes. Lacking anything near that property this marijuana looked amateurish and contained too many stems and loose crap included in my 5 gram order.
The buds were decent sized, moderately well-trimmed and loaded with orange hairs. I took a few medium density buds and ground it up. Pinch test shows that it doesn’t stick together at all; I generally prefer it to stick together.
Smoking this was more pleasant than my first impression on looks; it didn’t burn too hot and lasted numerous hits. I tasted green tea and non-descript flavors when smoking, but didn’t notice any sweet citrus that Super Silver Haze is often associated with. The smoke was easy to hold and does moderately expand. The high was pretty good, both for the head and might feel my usually sore feet tingling in a good way.
This strain needs a tune up before its grade A marijuana, get more silver haze in there and you just might be on to something with this one. Since I am doing 12 strains from Delta9 I’m being a little tough on them so I don’t declare a 4 or 5 start too soon. This is a solid 2.5 star.