Batch 002 Lot 006-001
21.3% THC .12% CBD
When I opened my prescription I was pleasantly surprised by the nice pungent smell of Super Lemon Haze fromDelta9. It was very aromatic and had obvious strong notes of sweet citrus lemon. I found myself opening and smelling this strain over and over. I also got whiffs of what I call “sativa cat pee”, but in a pleasant way!
After huffing this pot for a while I finally got all the buds out for a closer inspection. Two nice big buds compromised a majority of my 5 gram order and it was well trimmed. Medium density buds were covered in a frosty haze that shows the good timing of when this crop was pulled. The colours were a hazy sage green with nice sugar coating and a perfect amount of orange hairs. This was really pretty stuff, so I hated to grind it up. But when I did, all kinds of trichrome sugars were present. I did my pinch test and this pot held together moderately well, but I could tell that it didn’t matter this time.
I loaded up one of my many (many) glass pipes to get an up close taste of this lemony treat. I took a big old hit and was surprised how smooth and clean Super Lemon Haze was. Another hit or 2 confirmed how much I liked this strain. I had a nice clear head high without much body involvement and still felt focused after getting 5 hits off the bowl. It made me feel happy, chatty, creative and still motivated.
This strain is on my shortlist of daytime Sativa strains, I give it 3.75 stars of 5.