Batch 002 Lot 001-001
21% THC .06% CBD
When I open the bottle, I liked the spicy smell, others may not. This pot had strong earthy flower smell, plus some pepper and what I swear is blackberry. The buds were of medium to light density and uniform in size. Better trimmed than some other strains I saw from D9, but still not perfect. I’d guess it is harder to find experienced trimmers in Manitoba compared to British Columbia ☺. Light spruce green colors are infused with lots of orange hairs. I would love to see more developed glands / trichromes.
I smoked this in my sampling blue pipe. A pepper taste seems noticeable and may have hid other notes. Smooth enough and lasted a good 5 hits; I did get a clear headed buzz after a few hits, and would use this pot for doing chores. Similar effects on me as “Green Crack” strains.
It does seem like this pot in immature based on the way it burned, lack of serious head high, and snow-flaked bowl. Serious 6 has serious potential when fully developed. I would rate this 2.75 stars of 5. I’ll come back to see if Delta 9 can perfect this strain in the near future.