Batch 001 Lot 001-001
13.1% THC 0.13% CBD

I took my 5 gram order from Delta9 and gave it a good whiff. It smells great, so much so, that this strain was rated #3 on my blind smell test. I noticed an old school indica skunky smell along with earthy flowers. It smelled of good pot, I know we all know that smell! My order contained noting but nice buds, and included a trophy or two. It also contained zero shake; this turned out to be one the prettiest looking strains I have seen (so far) from Delta9.
The medium density popcorn buds are well trimmed and are a sage green color. Nice looking but possibly short hairs were ever present. When I ground up this strain it showed all kinds of sugars on my tray, and holds up pretty well to my pinch test. I loaded up one of my pipes from my glass pipe menagerie.
The smoke was dense and expanded just right. Master Kush had muted tastes that follow the smell profile; earthy skunk yummy. A noticeable indica vibe came over my body after a couple of hits, and I felt great. It took me a while to finish the bowl and I definitely felt the positive effects. This is another strain that showed me chasing THC numbers only is a mistake. This packs a punch for 13% THC and would likely be used for relaxation, getting uplifted or for its medical effects. I rate this 4 stars out of 5.