Batch 002 Lot 001-001
14.4% THC .17%CBD
After a week of reviewing 12 different Delta9 Bio-Tech strains I ended up finishing on my # 1 pick based on when I did a blind smell test. I was curious to see if the quality would match the smell. There was something deep and complex about the smell of this Kings Kush. It was very pleasant to me and found myself smelling my 5 gram jar over and over.
When I opened the jar I was happy to see frost coated medium density buds that were pretty well trimmed. Healthy green colors were coated in a haze of trichrome sugars. When I ground it up I smelled highlights of earthy pine, maybe lavender, some fruity highlights and that familiar Kush scent. My typical pinch test showed this pot to stick together pretty darn well.
I loaded up a recently cleaned pipe I got from Hemporium on 17th Ave in Calgary a few months ago. This strain smoked very smooth and definitely had an Indica punch to it. I felt like I was “dabbing out” when I took my third hit, after a huge lung expanding toke. This Kings Kush is wonderfully effective, has great sedative properties and seemed to work on my body pain too. This strain shows that once again, don’t be fooled by chasing just THC percentages, strong marijuana comes in all THC levels.
I would rate this a 4.25 stars out of 5 and consider this a top strain based out of my 12 strains I have reviewed from Delta9 Bio-Tech. Check out my twitter feed @AmeriCanadians for details on how I ranked all these strains against each other.