13.6 THC 0.12% CBD
A new day meant a new review, so I thought I would test Kali Mist from Delta9 Bio-Tech. This strain was rated #6 in my blind smell test so it was the 6th strain I reviewed. I thought this strain had a muted pine and green tea smell.
When I opened my 5 gram order it revealed moderately well-trimmed, uniform sized light density buds with dark orange hairs. Colors ranged from a mix of medium green to sand green and then other buds were darker and looked more pleasing to the eye. I noticed some trichromes that were scattered throughout but like to see more than I did.
I did get a little kief pile when I used my grinder and loaded up my testing bowl. I thought this strain burned a bit harsh to me, and had a somewhat nondescript taste. This strain has room for improvement. I rate this a 2 out of 5 stars.