21.3% THC .16% CBD
Batch 002 Lot 004-001

The Delta9 Bio-Tech jar was opened so I could get a goof whiff of this pot. When I did, I was immediately hit with citrus smells with lemon balm highlights. I also get a pepper smell that remained with me.

I got some really nice buds with this order, so it was too bad a few not so well trimmed buds were in there to distract me. K-Train had a nice color contrast with darker greens predominately showing along with lots of orange hairs. (My photos may have artificially lightened the colors of this pot). The buds were medium density, not fluffy nor super tight.

When I ground up the selected bud, there was nice pile of pot on my tray. I did pinch test and it stuck together quite well. I always like seeing the pot be “greasy” and stick like that. I grabbed my old medium sized Sherlock bubbler that I’ve had so long I can’t remember where I bought it. I packed a generous bowI that I though burned a bit fast and kind of made my eyes sweat. Smoke was dense but lacked any real defining flavor. It did however have noticeable THC effects that kicked in after smoking and seemed to blunt my typical body pain. The bowl lasted 4 hits and completely burned into white ash.

This is a feel good strain that seems to address my head and body high requirements. Its good medicine in my book and likely works for a range of ailments. Solid performance that gets a 3.25 of 5 stars rating. Perfecting this marijuana will make this a wicked good strain.