Batch 002 Lot 007-001
22.8% THC 0.10% CBD
I was testing some sativa strains from Delta 9 Bio-Tech so I figured I should try Damn Sour right after testing Super Lemon Haze. This strain was also very aromatic and pleasant, in fact I scored it #2 on my blind smell test I did when I had all 12 Delta9 strains “decanting”.
When I went to smell this strain I was reminded me why I scored it so well, it had a nice flowery base smell that would reveal the light ammonia or “diesel” smell if you were patient. I don’t like to use the word diesel to describe the smell because it gives me bad flashbacks to what we would sometimes see in Long Beach in the 80’s, actual weed smuggled in the diesel tanks of a semi-truck. (nasty nasty stuff)
This smelled good to me, and looked good too. Nice contrasting green colors I described as olive drab were apparent and accompanied by orange hairs. The buds were on the denser side and shows frosty trichromes. When I ground it up it nailed my pinch test, 6 minutes after the test, the pot is just sitting there stuck together like a sand castle.
I loaded my bowl from Gord’s Smoke Shop in Red Deer Alberta and used my old fashioned lighter to spark it up. First thing I heard was and sizzling sounds of the trichromes vaporizing and a nice clean stream of smoke. Also noticed a nice head high that had my head ringing like tinnitus. The bowl lasted 4+ hits, had density and what I often call “greasy”; it burned nicely and lasted a long time. This pot made me wish for a vaporizer as I think this would vape really well.
I gave this Damn Sour from Delta9 Bio-Tech a 4 out of 5 stars. Another shortlisted sativa!