Batch 001 Lot 004-001
15.8 THC% 0.34% CBD
I reviewed Citrus Haze from Delta9 Bio-Tech and was getting flash-backs to my Super Silver Haze review. My 5 gram order has some nice buds in there, but finding shake, and 4 stems with nothing attached is kind of frustrating when I am ordering medical marijuana.
Calling a spade a spade, I would say this crop is premature and contained way to much loose material and not enough dense buds. Nice greens and lots of orange hairs were present on my few specimen buds, but didn’t put any resistance when I finger ground it up. My pinch test shows this strain doesn’t stick together much.
I loaded up my new glass pipe from Hemp Roots in Calgary and got to the business of smoking. It burned a bit hot, but I was smoking a brand new traditional pipe. I didn’t notice a flavor on inhalation, but did get a nice note when I exhaled that reminded me of light citrus or sweet.
The bowl lasted 4 good hits and cashed out a snowflake white color. I did feel some head buzz but it wasn’t on the same level of Super Silver Haze. I rate this 2 stars of 5 and hope for a denser and fruitier product next time I order this.