Batch 001 lot-003-001
16.1 THC 0.29 CBD
When I opened my blue prescription jar from Delta9 Bio-Tech it smelled fresh but somehow muted. A fruitiness is there just not obvious at first whiff. Inside were tight well-formed buds that are well trimmed much better than 1st few buds I saw. Decent trichrome development, yet could have gone longer (but I am also a pot sugar fiend!).
When I ground it up I thought it fluffed up nicely. It is well cured and didn’t stick together when I pinch-tested it. I like to see pot be greasy and stick together when I do that test. It looked very pretty ground up so I loaded up my Extreme glass bong (7mm) that I won in a contest at Smokers Corner in Calgary.
Blue Venom smoked very clean and smooth. Careful of lung expanding hits with bongs, as my 2nd hit was a head ringer and I nearly “dabbed out”. According to the genes, a blueberry taste or smell might come through, but through two rounds, I kept thinking that a strong citrus flavors came out and orange dominated.
The bowl lasted 4 good hits, then harshed out a bit on last 2. The high felt relaxing and was noticeable in my head more than my body. I did get heavy eyes after my session, so this is probably evening and pre nap pot more than others.
I would guess this strain will sell well because it tastes good and works as promised. It’s a good showing Blue Venom, but there is a little room for improvement. I would rate a solid 3 of 5 stars and I’ll be interested to see how batch #2 looks.