Batch 002 Lot 009-001
17.3% THC .07% CBD
When I opened my order of Delta9 AK-47 I was greeted with sweet earthy smells and maybe a hint of skunk. Whatever is was I loved the smell, because I rated it #4 on my blind smell test. When I grabbed the blue prescription jar and emptied it, I found a beautiful super dense moon rock included in my order, probably the single best bud out all 60 grams I ordered. My wife and I both thought that super-nug looked close to the Columbia Gold strains we would see in the greater LA area in the 80s.
I saved the super-nug for another day, so I took a smaller bud and ground it up, preparing it for my smoking ritual. When I pinched the ground bud, it didn’t stick together much. I though it smoked pretty well, was easy on the lungs and finished with a noteworthy sweet floral taste. It did seem a bit immature due to green taste and the lack of fully developed trichromes. I also noticed a banded headache if I smoked too much.
The high was definitely there, but had zero couch lock effect, so I was able to get stuff done throughout the day. Based on that I am guessed this strain leans towards the sativa dominate side. I would call this a day use weed, and will check next batch to see if it gets short-listed for sativas. To be perfect this strain would need to go longer in the flowering stage. I rated this a solid 3 out of 5 stars.