IMG_8196 DotBong

My third LP is now Tilray and this is my first of seven strain reviews I will be doing. Tilray looks to have a pretty huge strain selection, so I will keep adding reviews as I get new strains ordered.
I ordered 5 grams of Cannatonic 12.5% THC / 6.3% CBD. I wanted to see what a higher CBD content would be like. I opened the quality Tilray reusable zip pouch and smelled grapes with a light pine.
The shade of green resembles an olive colour and shows orange hairs. A closer inspection highlights how perfectly developed this batch was. Every tight little leaf is gnarled together and coated in a sugar haze. It fluffs up pretty well after pulling a bud apart. All my Tilray orders include bud that is very dense or brick like. I do prefer a bud that is less compressed. However, this bud is perfectly cured and grinds up nicely. Speaking of grinders, I was excited to see an IOU for a grinder from Tilray.
I loaded up some fresh ground herb into my just cleaned yellow glass pipe. Burns a bit hot and fast and the smoke was a bit harsh, but that could be this small pipes fault too.
I was paying extra attention to how I felt as I exhaled. New earthy smells emerge and I notice my feet. They usually hurt and now they are tingling a bit. Another hit reminds me of green leaf and pine smells, but it adds to the effects I’m feeling in my feet. I’m feeling pretty good for 12.5% THC!
I went all in and smoked another bowl too. After two bowls I am pretty convinced I am high. Better yet, my feet and entire body are definitely noticing the CBD effects. I look forward to trying other high CBD bud in the future. Maybe one day we will see a 24% THC and 20+% CBD strain, if so, sign me up!